James Mandell MD, PhD

I have several qualifications that make me well-suited as a co-mentor for our Neuroscience Graduate Program Ph.D. students.  First, I am a board-certified neuropathologist since 1998 and am actively involved in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease in our active neuropathology autopsy service (~250 brain cases/year). Second, as a clinician-investigator with a major research commitment, I have focused on the roles neuronal-glial interactions in central nervous system disorders, as well as the application of phosphorylation  and cleavage state-specific antibodies to investigative and diagnostic neuropathology.  My lab has obtained six NIH grants since 1999 to study neuronal-glial interactions as well as to develop novel biomarkers for neuronal and muscle degeneration. My lab has developed and optimized techniques for detecting protein phosphorylation and proteolytic cleavage events, along with multi-label immunohistochemistry, which will enhance the proposed project.   I am extremely excited to serve as a co-mentor for our outstanding NGP students.